Robin’s Cafe & Ice Cream under new ownership

Collin Taylor (Owner), says he has no plans to change the name of Robin’s and in the contrary wants to keep the 12 to 13 years of reputation and history Robins Cafe & Ice Cream has fully in tact. He plans to simply “add more” to all that they offer currently. Collin stated that although most people may not know, Robin herself is a Michelin star chef, shedding light on why her food has been so raved about in this community over the years. In Nosara consistency is more difficult to achieve with your business than in most parts of the world, especially pertaining to the restaurant industry. Many variables are at play, some obvious and some not, but most importantly having a good team is essential. During our discussion Collin explained that he will be continuing with the current staff and values them as part of this small but extremely high functioning team. Tahiri, Meli, Darling, & Patti will all still be there making it happen. The Taylor family considers Robin’s a family operation including Bruce & Michele of Phoenix, Arizona (Collins parents) and his brothers Alec and Logan, who both live in Denver, Colorado.

Upon acquiring Robin’s, Collin and his family took the time to visit the local farms that supply the restaurant to fully understand where their food was coming from and the quality that the growth and harvesting undergoes. Robin’s Cafe & Ice Cream will continue the farm to table mentality sourcing their produce from local fincas every morning. Collin stated that he believes providing quality food is an obligation to humanity, continuing on to say that his first two weeks in Costa Rica, eating unprocessed foods, was the best he’s ever felt in his life pertaining to his diet. Being on site to serve these great plates during breakfast and lunch hours while talking to people and meeting the community is something you can see Collin enjoys very much.

We could elaborate more on the logistics of serving fresh food or discuss the breakfast burritos a notable percentage of our community seek out as their daily breakfast option, instead we asked Collin what the signature menu item any first time visitor of Robin’s needs to try. When we did his answer was “Ice cream”. They make their own ice cream in house, every step of the way, and consider it world class. Colin went on to compare the quality of their ice cream to the top gelatos of Italy and ice cream options of the Southern United States. Among typical flavors they have cream and vegan options with features such as Mayan Chocolate, Coconut, and Golden Milk (vegan turmeric sorbet).

There are plans for next year to stay open after 5pm offering creative dinner features as well as classy live entertainment. The main street of Guiones has already seen a revival of energy with the opening of Olo Alaia and the night events they’ve put on for the community. Collin believes these are good things and wants to add to that momentum as a friend and neighbor.

“I just want to bring people together”- Collin Taylor

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