Dengue fever sees an increase of 71%

Upon the arrival of rainy season each year, Costa Rica experiences it’s fair share of beauty, quickly followed by its challenges.  One of those hurdles is the mosquito-borne, tropical disease known as dengue.  According to the Health Ministry of Costa Rica, as of June 2019, 1,666 cases of dengue have been registered, compared to 975 over the same period in 2018.  It is with no doubt that this is coming along with the increase amount of rainfall, and with that, the increase amount of stagnant water for breeding.  Some of the distinguishing symptoms of dengue include rash, pain behind the eyes as well as joint and muscle pain.  The best and easiest prevention is some easy maintenance around the outside of your house or work place.  The elimination of these stationary accumulations of water/breeding grounds is the most proactive defence against the mosquitos  (puddles, empty buckets, old machinery etc…)  Pura vida!

*photos sourced via pacificmedicalacls 





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