Important updates to Nosara’s temporary building regulations

President Ethel ‘Kuki’ Araya and Vice President Nice Alterman of the Nosara Civic Association appeared on the Nosara Podcast recently to share the adjustments and updates to the temporary building regulations being announced Thursday, July 11th and Friday, July 12th by the Nicoya Municipality. In addition, they requested a call to action in the form of an email from everyone who supports these new regulations.

This brief discussion explains adjustments to the height restrictions, percentage of use, minimum lot size, lighting requirements, plus more details regarding septic systems and a ‘grandfathering’ in clause for projects already underway in addition to specifics for properties on hills facing the ocean, plus more.

Nicoya representatives are coming to Nosara to officially announce the updates and to provide further details at the following locations and times:

Thursday – 10am Escuela Serapio Lopez (Spanish) and 2pm Kitson Libray (English)

Friday – 10am Santa Marta Salón and 2pm Esperanza Escuela

For those unaware, in May of 2019 the Nicoya Municipality announced new, proposed temporary building regulations for the Nosara area. These regulations initially created a stir within the community with a wide range of opinions and emotions surfacing. Over the past several weeks Nicoya representatives have been meeting with residents and concerned citizens and fielding emails from around the world. The purpose of this weeks meetings are to announce and explain the updated version of the proposed temporary building restrictions.

Click HERE for a complete overview and timeline of events since the announcement of the new regulations. Included are video podcasts with the Nosara Civic Association leadership, with Jeffrey Grosshandler providing a differing opinion and sharing insights, video of the Nicoya Municipality representatives explaining the initial proposal both in English and in Spanish.

This is an abbreviated version of the discussion with Kuki and Nice. Soon the full episode will be published on

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