Updated building regulations… What are people saying?

Nicoya Municipality representatives visited Nosara Thursday to formally announce an updated version of the proposed building regulations for the Nosara area. These regulations are designed to be a temporary solution until a formal Plan Regulador is processed.

Check out the video to hear thoughts from some individuals who attended the meeting.

On May 23rd, 2019 there was a previous version of regulations proposed which was met with serious concerns by some community members. As a result, Nicoya representatives decided to provide time and the opportunity for community members to meet with them personally and/or email them their concerns and suggestions.

Josue Ruiz Guerrero led the meeting which started with the announcement of the changes from the original proposal. He then went through various examples and answered questions from multiple concerned property owners.

The 10am meeting had 22 persons in attendance and the 2pm meeting quickly turned into a standing room only crowd as the library’s capacity was met.

Stay tuned to http://www.nosaratimes.com for upcoming information including brief interviews with meeting attendees.

3 thoughts on “Updated building regulations… What are people saying?

  1. Rich, you should do an artical about all the illegal gringos living and working in Nosara. Especally the ones in the realestate secter. The ones who promote fack developments, lie about what ammenities the developments offer, lie about being licences realestate agents, ( doesn’t exciste here). What’s your thoughts? Would love to hear.

    1. I hear you and appreciate your message. It is a tough situation. I am hopeful Nosara’s RE companies will cooperate together moreso in the future than in the past. I’ve asked the leaders of a couple brokerages if they will participate in a Board of Realtors and so far we have a couple offices willing to participate.

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