Nosara Bomberos & NSA annual fundraiser Sabor de Nosara 2019

Cuisines from all over our community are showcased with live music and substantial raffle prizes up for grabs. Sponsors donate services, products, and packages of all kinds and raffle tickets are sold in an effort to raise funds. Among the participants feeding the crowd were long-standing town favorites including El Chivo, Robins Cafe & Ice Cream, Pura Pizza, El Manglar, Il BasilicoBeach Blend Coffee, Il Peperoni, Bakers Dozen, and Casa Romantica. We also had businesses new to town feature their menu items such as Tres AmigosSelina, and Opulent Food Catering.

Nosara more than ever is seeing a clear difference in opinion between it’s community groups and organizers. Of the many issues we haven’t seem to fully come together over as a community, I can say with full confidence food, floods, and fires bring us together every time without fail. That being said our Nosara Bomberos are just as in need of your support as ever before with more at stake this year as their team expands. While Nosara’s community grows, so does the Bomberos’ daily operational and maintenance costs as well as the need for resources within the Nosara Security Association. To this day both the NSA and the Nosara Bomberos are community funded efforts. Every year they hold Sabor de Nosara in hopes to raise funds for a specific goal. In years passed one of their goals was to raise the funds to ship their first legitimate firetruck to Costa Rica from North Carolina.

We had a chance to get a few words from 1st Captian Jo Pinheiro of the Nosara Bomberos on Sabor de Nosara 2019. When asked what was this years goal or motivation for the event fundraiser he replied “Every year we have an event to go for a goal. This year our goal is to raise at least $15,000 to buy complete gear for a minimum of ten guys.” Besides the immediate needs we asked what recurring issues or future plans they might need our support with. He stated the building of an actual fire station here in Nosara is next on their radar.

Here’s an audio clip of our conversation

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