The Ruta 160 update; Is Nosara’s main road finally getting paved?

Ruta 160 committee member Lucca Spendlingwimmer recently appeared on the Nosara Podcast with Rich Burnam to share updates about the situation with Ruta 160 being paved with asphalt.

In a previous episode of the Nosara Podcast, Lucca detailed the Ruta 160 project as of 2018 and explained Nosara residents were promised the asphalt process would begin late 2018. According to Lucca, the paving project was stalled after the election of new government officials and confusion between government agencies. So once again Nosara had no choice but to wait empty handed and dust filled. However, it seems things may be changing.

In the newest episode Lucca explains the Ruta 160 project is ‘on paper’ but cautions residents to be careful with their time expectations. When asked if he personally believes the project will occur, Lucca states: “Yes, I believe this will happen. However, I am unsure the timeframe because we have had such challenges getting the institutions to get the paperwork organized properly.”

When asked if it makes sense for Nosara residents to hold protests or block the roads in an effort to send a message to the government Lucca responds: “Not yet. The project is officially on paper and we are waiting for the approval process for the updated versions of the paperwork. Protests will not help us right now… The time to protest is if the project is taken away or deleted from where it is now.”

In the video you will hear Lucca explaining how Nosara’s Ruta 160 saga is a ‘pilot project’ and he further details the challenges this far and what we can expect in the immediate future.

So for the moment it seems Nosara’s residents and travelers have no choice but to wait for the processing of the updated paperwork.

Nosara’s roads are not only a menace to your cars’ suspension, they are proving ever more dangerous for the health of residents and visitors. In particular, the local populace which live on or nearby the main road as well as the hundreds of persons walking and biking along the road each day to get to work and back.

Local doctors and health care workers are reporting significantly increased respiratory issues with the high seasons of 2018 and 2019 proving especially problematic.

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  1. I have wondered if maybe it wouldn’t be cheaper and easier for the community to buy a grader and a water truck and hire a crew to maintain and water the road. I’m guessing that someone has already thought of this, though, so I’m wondering what the downside would be?

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