Costa Rica celebrates its 195th annexation of Guanacaste

Nicoya became apart of Costa Rica on this day in 1824, seceding from a civil war and unrest filled Nicaragua.  The name Guanacaste was chosen from the massive tree located in central Liberia, where it still stands to this day.  These trees, also known as the “elephant ear trees” are not easily overlooked when exploring the province.  The celebration is not just one specific to Guanacaste, but rather the whole country, and here on the peninsula, there will be more than enough food and fun to go around.  The folk dances and music will fill the streets along with the smells of fresh tortillas and “pinchos”.  If you are looking to be pointed in the direction of some of the excitement, look no further than Nosara centro as well as neighbouring Santa Marta.  The Thursday, the 25th will be the annual corn festival for the community of Santa Marta, with costumes games as well as great food.  In Nosara Centro the festivities begin around 8am at Rancho Tico and will be going into the afternoon.  So if you are looking to experience some “cultura Guanacasteca”, you won’t have to travel far at all!  Pura vida! 

*photos sourced via The Costa Rica News Anthony John Coletti



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