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Wildlife bridges installed in Nosara along Ruta 160

With help from various organizations, the Nosara area has seen 5 more arboreal wildlife bridges installed along the Ruta 160 from Playa Garza to Esperanza. This addition makes a total of approximately 30 bridges in our area.

The immediate goal is to connect green zones allowing safe passage across roads and power lines for various types of wildlife. These efforts greatly reduce the risks regarding safety when animals are crossing through developed areas. Without these bridges they are forced to cross by land or on dangerous high voltage cables. When crossing by land they are at risk of attack by dogs and being hit by passing cars. Crossing cables seems to be equally as detrimental to these species if not more dangerous. I back this theory up with the high amount of electrocutions reported in our region in the past and still to this day.

These environmental efforts were initiated by MOPT and included support form our Nosara based Refuge for Wildlife, national power company ICE and local hero Heyner Eduardo Diaz Matarrita (a.k.a. The Multifunctional Man). Between all three organizations they installed the 5 new bridges last week in hopes to see fewer wildlife emergencies along our roadways and power lines moving forward than in years past. This is the third time that MOPT has installed bridges in the Nosara area. ICE assists in bridge installs pertaining to power lines, whereas in MOPT deals mainly with road installs. How Heyner comes into the picture is a story that needs to be told. He’s the guy in charge of climbing these trees and getting to any hard to reach spots the crews are not able to reach with their equipment. Nosareño born and raised, and having been with the Refuge for around a decade, he truly is one of the most committed members of our community to making a difference. 

From our team at Nosara Times, we thank all organizations and persons involved. These strides in the right direction are what makes Nosara a special place to live and protecting its wildlife is priority. 

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