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Nosara’s trash made into art “Metamorfosis”

Saturday, September 7 was the first meeting of many with collaborators and Costa Rican "Upcycle Artist" Francesco Bracci at our local Nosara Recicla.

The meeting was held by local business owner Andrea Miranda as well as the director of the center itself, Cristian Zumbado. The goal of this group is to install an art piece like Nosara has never seen before to further beautify the area and raise awareness towards the center. With support from Harmony Projects and a team of dedicated volunteers, there will be multiple workshops to produce all of the pieces necessary for this installation. One Google search of Francesco’s name will give you an instant glimpse into his world as an artist with features in La Nacion and other varying publications. He constructs large art works with materials others throw away and arrives at a perfect time to combat the ever escalating problem of what to do with our trash in Nosara. Shown below is a piece of his work from 2013 named “Plastic Missile” constructed of 8 thousand plastic bottles showcased on the Avenida Central of the Costa Rican capitol San José.

Francesco Bracci, artista elegido para realizar el “Misil Plástico” Esteban Monge:La República
Francesco Bracci, artista elegido para realizar el “Misil Plástico” Esteban Monge:La República

Through a few well thought out but basic steps, Francesco showed us that these materials can be processed and repurposed for amazing things. We saw firsthand how a simple heating element fashioned to an angled wood block was used to cut glass bottles. The user spins the bottle in position for around a minute, cutting the glass in a perfect circle. Additionally, there is a phase of hand cutting cardboard in perfect squares using basic razor knives and tiles as guides. Those two end products are then fixed together to create a completely repurposed asset from everyday items people just throw away. Cardboard and glass bottles are two of the most densely discarded daily items found at any local waste center.

The entire project will repurpose approx. 1600 pieces of cardboard for a total of 64m2 & 1600 pieces of glass. In their words the group is trying to “transform waste glass and cardboard to create a work of art that represents the recycling center as a hotbed of ideas to promote the use of what we call garbage.” We will continue to report the phases of “Metamorfosis” and are eager to see the final installation.

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