Costa Rica celebrates 198 years of Independence

Although Costa Rica gained its independence from Spain on this day in 1821, the country became completely sovereign in 1838, separating from the Central American Republic.  Each year leading up to September 15th a symbolic independence torch travels from Guatemala to the colonial capital of Costa Rica; Cartago.  The torch arrived on the 14th of September in a relay by different runners.  Along with the traditional music and food that will be abundant, the Tico’s will wear their countries traditional clothing, which for men is usually white cotton pants and a white button-up shirt with a red sash belt, a red handkerchief tied at the neck and a straw hat.  The Tica’s will wear long and flowing multicoloured skirts in layers, with a white, ruffled, sleeveless blouse, a choker band necklace, and their hair pulled up in very intricate braids or a bun and decorated with a big flower.  A fun fact about Costa Rica, there was no fight for independence, Spain, being exhausted by the war with Napoleon and a few other Latin American wars actually supported Central American independence as the region had become a major burden.  Pura Vida!


*photos sourced via Tico Times  Enchanting Blog


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