North Guiones to form it’s own road committee

This group will serve to provide ongoing suggestions to the government regarding construction and maintenance pertaining to North Guiones roads, specifically the sections of G and H. In the past, these tasks and funds were derived mostly from the neighbors and business owners themselves, receiving little to no support for interior beach roads. An open meeting is being held to present this process and gain support from participants. North Guiones business or property owners, who permanently reside here are asked to attend if they are willing and can communicate their concerns in Spanish.

Moving forward, the group will voice concerns on where to allocate funds coming directly from a 30% tax added by law to all gasoline sales nationally since July 9th, 2001. This tax law is named “Ley de Simplificación Tributaria” and a version of it can be found at this link. This tax is already set aside for things like secondary roads; however gaining access to it for our community requires forming a committee of 8 people. Riccardo Micali, a resident of Costa Rica for almost 20 years and local business owner has been personally sending out group emails and collecting the funds since 2013, in efforts to organize and keep these roads maintained. With support from other residents like Dian Lindsey, these efforts are hoping to lead towards constant improvement of the road conditions.

Thursday the 3rd of October at 5:30 pm at the old La Banana, right next to Il Basilico we will meet with the Road Committee of Nicoya to form the first of many roads committees in the area. We will start with North Guiones in hopes that we can become the role model for other neighboring areas to work on forming their own committees and benefit for all the “know-how” we will learn from this first experience. It is a great opportunity since they are willing to give us the tools to finally operate with them.” – Riccardo Micali

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