Nicoya Municipality Budgets 2019 – 2020

On September 27th, an extraordinary budget of 1,103 million colones was approved by the Contraloría de la República for the Municipality of Nicoya, for different projects all over the province. It was specified by the Municipality of Nicoya that of this budget Nosara will receive improvements in municipal road drainage systems and the conclusion of the La Esperanza Sur – Las Delicias bridge. Details of the announcement are on their Facebook page Municipalidad de Nicoya. In regards to the 2020 Municipal Budget, there are 6400 million colones destined to the Nicoya Municipality for next year.

The Nicoya Municipal Council had several meetings throughout the month of September to propose, discuss, and vote how it is going to be distributed amongst the 7 districts of the province. At the final vote meeting, the decision was handled to the Contraloría General de la República, since only 4 of the 7 representatives agreed with the proposal, and 5 were needed for it to be approved. It was not specified when the final decision will be announced.

Each of the seven districts have their different needs and do not feel sufficiently supported by the Nicoya Municipality. That is definitely the case of Nosara, meanwhile the Nicoya Municipality claims that the budget is not enough to cover all of the province’s needs. They also stated that it is the responsibility of each district representative to inform them of their specific needs and urges.

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