Jaguar sighting on beach in Guanacaste

The video was shared by a profile page called Tiquiciando. We are uncertain if this is a random sighting or documented by a specific group conducting scheduled research. Regardless of the intention, this is an extraordinary thing to see. Videos like this are a reminder of what the original residents that inhabit these lands look like.

Jaguars (Panthera onca) are an iconic part of “Tiquicia” or Costa Rica’s biodiversity chain. The construction of road ways has led to many deaths of these jungle cats over the years, and efforts are being made to protect them by multiple organizations. According to Tico Times… one of these efforts is The Jaguar Corridor Initiative is a mission of Panthera, an organization dedicated to the conservation of wild cats species worldwide. In Costa Rica, they advise the Costa Rican Ministry of Public Works and Transport to mitigate the impact of highways on wildlife.

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