What is NOCA? Local Ticos finally have a source for the Arts…

NOCA’s (Nosara Community for the Arts) initial program is starting October 14th. A 6-day program is hosting 26 students from the local Colegio Bocas de Nosara and Del Mar Academy to collaborate in making Nosara a sustainable community. The program is delivered in partnership with No. 9 of Toronto and will get the students to co-create a 3D model of what a future Nosara Sustainability Center means for this community. Rich Burnam from the Nosara Times speaks with NOCA founder Michel Viau to learn more about the vision and program details. Listen in to their full conversation here below.

Listen here:

Michel has realized in his 8 years of coming to Nosara the significant divide between the local Costa Rican community and the expat community. With NOCA he is trying to bridge this gap to bring the community at large closer together.

With a background as a designer, Michel structured the organization around three pillars: community engagement, creative thinking through multidisciplinary arts and the environment.

The first initiative coming forward out of NOCA is a 6-day program in collaboration with ‘No 9’, a Toronto based charitable organization focused on eco-literacy programming for elementary, high school, and post secondary students.

In collaboration with NOCA and the local schools Colegio Bocas de Nosara and Del Mar Academy, No 9. will be running the ‘Imagine my sustainable community’ program here in Nosara.

‘They (No 9. red.) have given the program to over 3000 students and it has been extremely successful. We thought that this could be an amazing opportunity to bring something like this to Nosara.

Michel invites the community at large to come out and visit the final day of the program. On Saturday October 19th the students have their presentations. Accompanied with a DJ and drinks he is turning this into a community wide event hosted at the old Banana, next to il Basilico and across the street from Bodhi Tree that will run from 1-4pm.

To learn more about NOCA and the details of the program listen to the full conversation at the top of this post or check out the NOCA Facebook page and No. 9 website.

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