North Guiones Road Committee officially formalizes with Nicoya Municipality

As reported on September 23rd by the Nosara Times, a new road committee focusing on North Guiones’ interior roads is in the process being organized. You can view the original article and further details HERE.

The NT can confirm this process is officially underway. This past Thursday, October 3rd, the official meeting including the Nicoya Municipality occurred. At the meeting the Municipality representatives detailed their framework on how to legally set-up a road committee and provided guidance and focus points regarding improving North Guiones’ frequently atrocious road conditions. The meeting concluded with new committee members being sworn in for their respective roles (individual names and titles listed below).

Although most community members voiced immediate support of this initiative, this process was not without controversy. When the idea for the committee was announced specific to North Guiones, a few individuals voiced discontent since this was an effort not including all parts of Nosara.

According to one community member wishing to remain anonymous: “Our road conditions are horrible almost everywhere in Nosara area. Why is it just Guiones, where gringos are, getting the most attention? Why can’t the committee focus on everyone in the area instead of just one part of Guiones?”

The North Guiones Road Committee states: “The North Guiones Road Committee is an initiative that will begin in the hopes that it can become a model for the procedures which any other section/area can follow to see improved results in road infrastructure. We now have access to the Municipality’s personnel whom are willing to guide us along in this process. They have suggested that we work in small sections as it makes the extensive work much more manageable. Our committee is committed to taking the steps necessary to improve the safety of our secondary road system and will encourage other sections to do the same so that we will one day soon have smooth roads with proper drainage and sidewalks. This will not happen magically and it is imperative that the community come together and be actively involved in this essential work or it will be doomed to fail and it will remain a stain on the community. We will do our part to facilitate this project while we ask that each homeowner, renter, and employee in the area chip and help us achieve what we know we can do.”

In other parts of Nosara volunteers wishing to follow the actions of the North Guiones Road Committee are starting to formulate. Most likely sections I and J (Cafe Paris down to Beach Dog Cafe) should organize and potentially in conjunction or separate from K section (Bakers Beach up to Ruta 160 bus stop close to Bodhi Tree). In Pelada Sections A and C could unite, and in Nosara town each area can do the same process in order to garner attention and potential government funding.

The new Guiones North road committee
Presidente: Ricardo Micali
Vice Presidente: David Scott Malbon
Secretario: Dian Elizabeth Lindsey Araya
Tesorera: Francinny Gonzales Soza
Vocal 1: Veronica Monge
Vocal 2: Patricia Jiménez Gomez
Vocal 3: Mariya Shikher
Fiscal: Juan Castro Loria

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