Weekly water quality testing to begin on Playa Guiones

After years of speculation from home owners and beachgoers, private donations matched by the Guanacaste Fund will be allocated for rigorous water testing. Three test locations have been chosen along the span of the beach. The issue some say, is an ever multiplying amount of what appears to be “waste water” in the surf and shorelines of Playa Guiones.

This is a very sensitive subject to discuss for many reasons. Countless families living in Nosara and the surrounding areas rely solely on tourism dollars as a means of survival. We investigated this topic for months and many different opinions are on the table as to what this brown-bubbly substance is. One of the more interesting theories was from some of the local surfers and fisherman. Their stance when asked was that it’s a naturally occurring process, and it was nothing to be alarmed about.

There’s another public opinion held by many, which directly equates the build-up to the influx of construction and development the Nosara area has seen in recent years. More specifically, the theory is that due to the lack of waste management services provided by the government or proper sewer system of any kind, many of these larger business, homes, etc… are legally dumping their waste straight into the ground via typical septic systems.

For a town growing as fast as it is and to not have a public sewer, is something I think many people with their hopes and dreams set on Nosara do not think to take into consideration when planning large-scale builds. Hopefully the efforts of these individuals and groups can provide irrefutable facts and end this debate once and for all.

Visit the official website for more information, test results and all donations.

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