Ruta 160 in Nosara gets worked on the day before important meeting

We should get government officials and MOPT and CONAVI representatives to Nosara more often!

This Friday, November 15th in at 9:00am at the ADIN facility the First Lady of the Republic Doña Claudia Dobles and representatives from MOPT and CONAVI will be attending an important community meeting to update the community about Ruta 160.

Long time Nosara residents are not surprised by the ‘miraculous’ appearance of work trucks and work starting on the road around Nosara just before important officials roll into town.

For those who are familiar with the Ruta 160 saga, disappointment and false promises are nothing new. However, Nosara residents are extremely frustrated and talks of road blockades and protests are becoming more frequent.

ADIN is asking all community members to support this meeting and help ensure these officials understand how Nosara residents feel about the incredibly poor road conditions.

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