Nicoya Municipality Budget update 2020

This past Thursday was the adjustment of the regular budget that the Municipality of Nicoya will have for 2020, after the City Council omitted the procedure established by not ratifying the minutes on September 30, a time limit to comply with the provisions of the law, minutes which registered a 4-3 vote by the aldermen.

The Municipality duly sent, and detailed, the document with the whole plan of action and execution of the finances per section in time and in order. It was only a 2% increase for 2020 (₡6.364 million), in regards to 2019 (₡6.255 million). Finally, those ₡ 6.255 million will be used again next year, ₡109 million less than the requested amount.

The technical department of the CGR did not study the budget since it lacked the corresponding viability (it did not comply with the procedure established by law) and the document was not analyzed, nor evaluated by this supervisory body since the Municipal Council did not present the act of ratification on September 30.

Now the Municipality had to adjust its entire plan of action and execution to the amount of the 2019 Regular Budget, and with it give way to the projects that come for the entire canton of Nicoya next year.

“Our work team seeks a clearer picture to control and execute our resources effectively and efficiently, however, the involvement at the cantonal level is not of greater importance since the projects and contributions are affected by certain funds, which are resources that come from specific laws, with this we want to tell our taxpayers that for the next year we will continue with our effort to provide the inhabitants and visitors of this canton that we are in favor of development, health and safety,” explained José Ernesto Baltodano Cárdenas, Chief Financial Officer of the Municipality of Nicoya.

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