Nosara’s Temporary Building Regulations update from NCA President

This is the short version of Kuki’s most recent episode on the Nosara Podcast with Rich Burnam. The full version will be out soon addressing each 3 of the NCA’s focus areas. However, this 6 minute overview focuses mainly on the controversial proposed Temporary Building Regulations.

Items of interest: Rich asks Kuki about the Plan Regulador and pressures her about the timeframe. Rich reminds Kuki that Josue Ruiz Guerrero, Nicoya’s Chief Engineer, wagered 3 years for completion as a previous guest on the Nosara Podcast. Rich bets it will be longer than 3 years and thinks both Josue and Kuki are overly optimistic.

In addition, Rich asks Kuki to address the many rumors surrounding the Temporary Building Regulations and in particular John Johnson’s involvement. She has a strong response which you will hear in this episode.

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