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Crime wave hits Nosara with multiple thefts reported

The Nosara area has seen an array of criminal acts committed with everything from vehicle theft, home and vehicle break-ins, and employees caught stealing from their employers.

Last week, social media erupted when the owners of Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort posted photos of two men they allegedly caught stealing from their facility. The most shocking part for so many was the fact that these men were in uniform and employees of Bodhi Tree. These posts were just the tip of the iceberg it seems, as reports of vehicles being broken into and stolen, properties burglarized, and other thefts have amounted over the last few weeks.

Typically, with every tourist season and in some cases the lack of, there is a spike in targeted thefts. Everything from high value vehicles, cellphones, computers, cash and other personal items are all at risk of being taken. You can guarantee yourself that even in the most tame of beach towns around the world someone has their eye on your valuables.

This photo is of a Toyota Landcruiser taken from Solo Bueno just last week in Playa Guiones. If anyone has seen this vehicle, or knows any information of its whereabouts, feel free to contact us here.

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