Business Crime Nosara Playa Garza

Multiple businesses in Playa Garza broken into during early morning hours

Around Monday morning, it is speculated that one person or more cut holes in the fence and roof and entered the business complex on the east side of Playa Garza.

While OIJ investigates the scene, we can only share what we were told by store employees and management. Once inside the gates, it is believed that they scaled walls and were able to access the roof, where they cut through and dropped down into the businesses interior spaces. At least 2-3 entry points were made, giving access to different areas and all three businesses occupying the units.

Photographed here is the recently established Blue Garza Grocery & Beach Shop, which was one of the business to suffer losses. What we know is that the stores high valued items were taken including liquors and wines, tobacco products, beach wear and t-shirts, hygiene products etc… We were told that the perpetrator/s also stole technical equipment and of course whatever cash boxes they could find, literally leaving a trail of coins as they exited out the back. We’re told that the Stihl distributor occupying one of the units was also targeted, with multiple hand-held power tools taken during the incident.

We’re asking all community members to offer any information they might have pertaining to what happened and to keep a lookout for individuals selling bottles of alcohol, tobacco products, Stihl brand power tools, and other items mentioned…

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