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Costas Verdes and Nosara Times join forces

From the founding members of this publication and in consideration of the many community members who support Costas Verdes, we are proud to announce an affiliate partnership.

We will now be documenting events as well as posting the dates of community tree plantings of Costas Verdes for 2020. This organization relies heavily on community support and welcomes children of all ages and adults to participate in their many activities. We all can agree that trees are a great thing and Playa Guiones has forever been changed for the better because of this team led by Gerardo Balaños, the support of donors and local businesses, and the community volunteers.

Since starting in 2011, Costas Verdes and the Barri-Guiones Project have planted trees every year and transformed the face of Playa Guiones into the lush green site it is today. For so many of us who live here, it’s easy to forget what this beach looked like just 10 years ago. I distinctly remember running as fast as I could across hot sand dunes to the damp shoreline on my way to surf. Scalding your feet was common back when many of us didn’t dare to bring footwear to the beach. I wonder if first-time visitors can only assume that Playa Guiones has always offered shade for plenty and looked like it does today. For more info and how you can get involved, stay tuned to Nosara Times or check out at this link

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