Nosareña Jimena Ruiz age 13 to compete in ISA World Para Surfing Championship

Jimena has been surfing since she was five. Even though she was born with a deformity in her left leg, which led to an amputation at the knee when she was just a baby… she’s clearly not letting that stop her from pursuing her dreams and goals.

Through gofundme, friends and community members set a goal to raise just under $5,000 to cover her expenses including flights, food, lodging, entries, etc… In the 48 hour timeline that our team saw the news and decided to share it with you all, the goal had almost been reached but was cancelled due to complications. Jimena still hopes to compete in March.

We reached out to Daniela Munoz, one of the organizers, and she gave us this statement… “Unfortunately, we have been advised that it is against the rules of the Surf team for us to do a fundraiser in this manner. We appreciate your support. If you have any questions, concerns or interest in Jimena’s progress, please contact Marsi at
Thank you.”

One thought on “Nosareña Jimena Ruiz age 13 to compete in ISA World Para Surfing Championship

  1. Hola . Buenos días !!!
    Mi nombre es Marycruz Rojas
    Soy la madre de Jimena Ruiz
    Hay muchos comentario pero yo quiero aclarar . Jimena tiene todo para viajar al mundial x medio de las recaudaciones del surf adaptado ella no necesita nada en efectivo solo lo que necesita es x medio de las páginas oficiales del grupo les pedidos ayuda a que esto para mi hija sea algo especial y que todos los nosareños vivamos esta experiencia y la apoyemos .
    Los chicos del surf adaptado están trabajando muy duro para lograrlo muchas gracias y espero que la aclaración que mi hija x medio de la selección tiene Todo . Pura vida . Buen día…

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