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Update on Nosara’s Temporary Building Regulations and Plan Regulador with Josué Ruiz Guerrero

Here is a 7 minute conversation with Josué Ruiz Guerrero with updates about Nosara’s Temporary Building Regulations, the Plan Regulador as well as some additional information.

Josué affirms in this conversation he feels the Temporary Building Regulations are proceeding in a proper, legal manner and there are only a couple of parties strongly resisting the changes in the most recent meetings. My reason for asking Josué this question is because the Temporary Building Regulations were initially met with significant controversy. However, it appears his opinion this matter is processing in a smooth matter.

In the second part of the conversation Josué expresses his disappointment with the turnout for the last public meeting about the Plan Regulador and explains his goals to have the meetings at different times so people who are working can make it to the meetings.

I go on to tease Josué about our 3 year bet for a completion of a Plan Regulador within 3 years from Josués visit on the Nosara Podcast on July 25th, 2019 which you can review here.

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