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Coronavirus & Nosara; What are people saying? Video of locals’ opinions; A podcast with Dr. Alejandro, and a submitted opinion article with strong warnings

****The Nosara Times is not endorsing nor supporting any medical prognosis or speculation. Please speak to a qualified medical professional concerning this issue. Again, the Nosara Times is not endorsing nor supporting any of the messages in the video, podcast, or opinion article below. Please speak to a qualified medical professional for all guidance concerning this matter.

The media is loaded with projections and often confusing statistics about the Coronavirus. I’ve been wondering what people in Nosara are thinking about this, so I grabbed a microphone and hit the Main Street of Guiones to hear what their opinions are about it. The video above is what they had to say and their opinions alone. Again, the NT is not making any recommendations or endorsements of opinions.

As you probably noticed, most people in the video believe the Coronavirus is being overhyped. However, not everyone is confident about this being the situation and in fact, many persons are very concerned.

For a professional opinion, Paradise Medical Center’s Dr. Alejandro recently appeared on the Nosara Podcast to discuss his suggestions, opinions and knowledge about Coronavirus which can be reviewed HERE:

The below is an opinion message submitted which is extremely different in tone compared to the locals video. He is urging actions including cessation of group activities and avoiding local tourism hotspots for a period of time. His opinion is we are not realizing the severity of the situation and need to make strong choices immediately to avoid significant issues. See below for opinion submission. Again, the NT is not endorsing anything in the video, podcast or opinion statement.

Opinion Submission Below

Dear Rich,

Framing on the situation for Nosara is fairly straight forward:

Prevention of an outbreak here is a high priority. If the community makes some simple lifestyle changes for a couple months, it will decrease many of the risks. At that point (post dry season tourist flow), we could be in an ideal place to weather a longer storm the world may or may not be in.

If people continue current lifestyles: i.e. group classes or group activities or tourist hotspots, etc… Then there could be an outbreak here which is quite painful. There are stages for people coming to terms with a situation like this.

At the moment, people seem to still be in the phase of resenting any potential lifestyle inconvenience. In 3-4 weeks, that mindset will likely seem absurd to these same people. The key is to shift mindsets before absolutely necessary. That is the challenge. People have difficulty with abstract thinking, and they are locked into their views which are both challenges.

A probabilistic discussion combined with a simple risk/reward analysis may be the best way to open minds to simple lifestyle changes to avoid a serious problem.

***The Nosara Times is making no medical claims nor endorsements. We are just bringing you people’s opinions from the general populace to medical professionals. Please seek counsel from a qualified medical professional.

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