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Residents of Costa Rica could forfeit status attempting to re-enter the country after travel ban

This information and other bullet points were recently published by the official website of the Costa Rican Presidency.

The following translation was provided by  Lic. Carlos Araya BIZLO Real Estate & Legal Services, email:

“The Government of Costa Rica has been progressively releasing measures to mitigate the unforeseeable effects of the present coronavirus crisis. For the time being, we´ll comment on the health aspect and save economic/financial as those remain undreamed of. Let´s start by stating that starting last week, only Costa Ricans and residents will be allowed into the country. If you fit in one of those categories and plan to travel because you can get back in, think twice as that loophole was closed on Monday. Immigrants with special resident status could lose such privilege if attempting to re-enter the country after the ban was instated. Tourists on 90-day visas caught by the ban, may legally stay or make arrangements to travel after May 17th as long as they entered the country post December 17th, 2020. No residency applications will be received during this time. All subject to revision. Why is this health related? You may import the virus unknowingly. Stay healthy.” – Lic. Carlos Araya

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