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Nosara COVID-19 Updates as of March 26th; 10 Questions with Dr. Alejandro from Paradise Medical Services

In this discussion I ask Dr. Alejandro from Paradise Medical Services the following 10 questions:

  • Are there any confirmed cases in Nosara or Samara?
  • What are the National updates about how quickly cases are spreading across the country and what is your predictions about next week(s) and months?
  • What differences do you see week to week? As in what changed from last week to this week and what are you expecting next week?
  • When do you think we will have a COVID-19 case here in Nosara or do we probably have it here already?
  • What is your opinion about social media during this? There’s lots of information and advice shooting around out there…
  • What should people be doing proactively? What foods, vitamins, injections, etc.?
  • When should someone contact a Doctor if they or a loved one are experiencing symptoms?
  • What is your advice for people who have to go to work or go broke?
  • Is group immunity the tactic CR plans to use? What are the recontamination risks once people get back on the streets?
  • What misconceptions about all of this would you like to address while you have this platform?

These are very strange times. Many thanks to everybody following the guidelines of staying off the beach and staying at home and practicing social distancing. Hopefully doctors and other health care professionals will conduct telemedicine in order to provide the highest level of safety for everyone. Some practitioners have started this already as you heard Dr. Alejandro’s explain.

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