What is Costa Rica doing to help Employers & Employees during these strange times? (Subtítulos pronto)

*Estamos poniendo subtítulos

There’s a great deal of confusion happening right now in Costa Rica and throughout the world. The primary concern of course should be immediate health concerns about COVID-19. Fortunately, in Costa Rica they are taking significant action by closing borders, limiting driving times, asking everyone to stay home and at minimum practice social distancing, etc… However, both employers and employees are in a very challenging situation by staying home and not working.

So what is the Costa Rican government doing to help employers and employees in dealing with this strange predicament?

I invited Jose Arce and Roberto Castillo Pacheco from Sfera Legal to help us understand what is currently happening and what the updates are. Many thanks to them for providing this information.

I will continue to be speaking with various legal representatives as this situation unfolds so stay tuned to the Nosara Times for further updates as this situation is constantly changing.

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