Dr. Alejandro’s mid April update: Avoiding the 2nd wave, Staying off the beach, Why herd immunity is not the answer, Nosara’s bad behavior, plus much more in 18 minutes

Dr. Alejandro’s mid April 2020, update is 18 minutes filled with advice for people in the Nosara area. (Subtítulos disponibles pronto)

As you will hear, he acknowledges people are ready to get back to their normal lives and the many social media complaints about lack of beach access and the driving restrictions.

However, he explains how Costa Rica is trying to avoid the ‘2nd wave’ of infections some other countries are experiencing. His point makes sense as Costa Rica just extended the border closings to at least May 15th.

He suggests the more we all behave properly the sooner the regulations will adjust. At the end of the podcast he reminds us all this should be a rather uncrowded rainy season of surf and to be patient and this will help everyone as a whole more quickly. Give this one a listen and let’s all get through this together. Costa Rica is doing a great job statistically and to date we have no recorded cases of COVID-19. Dr. Alejandro’s advice is to help us keep it that way as long as we can.

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