Mid July COVID update for Nosara area with Dr. Alejandro

Dr. Alejandro is back on the Nosara Podcast with mid July COVID updates and advice for residents of the Nosara area.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Significant COVID testing increases (including Nicoya)
  • Changes to our beach access
  • Challenges with epidemiological nexus
  • Total deaths
  • Nicaragua
  • 2 more Nosara cases confirmed (in addition to Barco Quebrado)
  • Throwing of rocks at house of COVID patients
  • The crack down on crowded houses in Nicoya and Nosara
  • Be economical with expenses due to uncertain future
  • We are 2 weeks behind
  • Airports and August 1st plans for reopening
  • Mandatory masks and consistent hygiene measures
  • Hydroxychloroquine
  • Vaccine timing and ongoing trials
  • Schools reopening
  • Constant changes and ups and downs
  • Construction crews
  • Blood tests, vitamins and supplements
  • What is Dr. Alejandro doing for fun?
  • Are COVID tests available to the public?

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