Mid August COVID update with Dr. Alejandro

As featured on http://www.richburnam.com

https://youtu.be/B1zX3iEQsrE – English

https://youtu.be/S5CzStzbTQ4 – Español

In this Nosara Podcast episode, Dr. Alejandro informs us the Nosara area most likely will experience an increase in COVID cases in coming days and weeks. He explains in this podcast:

  • Some people are behaving poorly by hosting or attending social events
  • Some are breaking their ‘social bubbles’ by traveling to other areas and or attending group events
  • Authorities need people to tell the truth about their social interactions when researching cases. Do not lie to the authorities they are trying to keep the community as safe as possible

Dr. Alejandro also asks businesses, in particular hotels and rental home managers, booking agents and owners, to qualify incoming guests as well and provide them with guidance as to how to behave and interact while here.

Best wishes to everyone and please encourage others to follow Dr. Alejandro’s guidance. Good luck to everyone as we navigate through these strange times.

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