Paul DaCosta hosts ‘Art On The Beach’ this Friday at midday in Playa Pelada in front of La Luna

Paul DaCosta truly enjoys sharing his knowledge of art and his talents with others. For years he’s worked to unite local artists by hosting art shows and encouraging other artists both online and in person. Now Paul is up to something new: He is teaching lessons on the beach.

In fact, his next lesson is this Friday at midday in Playa Pelada in front of La Luna. Paul explains the operation: “The classes are $20 including art materials – $10 For CR Locals. The next class is in front of La Luna this Friday at midday. I attend to each student according to their needs in the moment as well as passing on my knowledge of colour theory, watercolour, acrylic, oil, drawing techniques, also throwing in some of the the philosophical and historical aspects of art… It’s a relaxing type of class with more of a meditational aspect to it the students may explore as they become more confident with their process. Social distancing rules are required for safety purposes but outside of this I am comfortable and excited about teaching on the beach. Last Friday both kids to adults participated and everyone seemed to have a good time.”

The easiest way to reach Paul is a private message on Facebook but you can try a WhatsApp message to his phone 8379-5176. Or just show up midday on Friday if you or your friends or family would like to participate and have some fun.

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